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Different Types Of Skirts You Should Wear This Season!

Different Types Of Skirts You Should Wear This Season!
May 14, 2018 Tor
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Types of Skirts

Always confused about selecting a skirt from different types of Skirts available in the market. Then read this following post, and know what kind of skirt is trending this year and how to wear them.

There is nothing better than the light and airy feeling of wearing a skirt when the sun is shining. Skirts are fashion-forward, easy to wear and incredibly practical. No matter your age, style, or body shape, there really is no  garment better for the time of year.

Want to add some new skirts to your wardrobe this summer? Here are our favorite types of skirts, and some top tips for how you can wear them:

Marvelous Midi Skirts

During the summer of 2014, the midi skirt swept across the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan. Four years later, this trend is back and it’s back with a vengeance. The midi skirt is simply any skirt that starts on your natural waist and falls to your mid calve: these are skirts that tend to be fuller at the hips and skim loosely over the thighs.

Givenchy stand out as the designer most committed to the midi, showcasing it in their typical flamboyant style with oversize jewelry and even bigger sunglasses. If you want to see and be seen, this is the trend for you.

d3 93 - Different Types Of Skirts You Should Wear This Season!

Blue Floral Ruffled Midi Skirt by Fab Alley

How to Wear a Midi Skirt?

The Midi Skirt isn’t an easy type of skirt to wear, because it’s unusual length means that it will fall at the widest part of your calves. To counterbalance this, we would recommend that you pair your midi skirt with heels or, if you’re lucky enough to be tall, with a pair of finely strapped, barely-there sandals. Add a simple scoop-necked tee or racer black vest in your favorite color, and let your skirt do all the talking!

d3 814 - Different Types Of Skirts You Should Wear This Season!

Blue Velvet Pleated Midi Skirt by Fab Alley

If you’re looking to wear your maxi skirt to a more formal occasion (such as a wedding or summer garden party) then add a buttery soft scoop neck blouse in silk or satin, and choose a light, pastel shade that will pick out and work with the colors within your skirt.

Magnificent Maxi Skirts

Does the maxi skirt ever go out of fashion for the long, hot summer months? If you’re looking for a skirt that is light and airy, whilst covering your legs and protecting your modesty, then it’s a perfect choice.

white floral print maxi dress yumi kim belt mary orton fashion blogger style2 680x1020@2x 1060x1263 - Different Types Of Skirts You Should Wear This Season!

Image Credit – Memorandum

Dresses and skirts in maxi lengths were huge (pun intended) on the catwalk for Marc Jacobs this season, with the designer presenting a mish-mash of floor length dresses and skirts in swirling, tropical vibrant prints. These were prints so bold that you needed sunglasses to look directly at them! Other designers who swathed their models in lengths of long fabric on the catwalk included Versace and Louis Vuitton: Maxi skirts are therefore officially high end again.

How to Wear Maxi Skirts?

There are so many great ways to wear a maxi skirt! Pair with a cropped vest or even a bikini top (if you’re feeling brave) for an afternoon or relaxing by the pool or on the beach. Add an oversize knitted sweater in a grey or grey marl shade for a low key varsity vibe.

d3 94 - Different Types Of Skirts You Should Wear This Season!

Navy Tiered Maxi Skirt by Fab Alley

Whilst the maxi skirt is a natural fit for casual wear, you can also wear a long skirt with a shirt for a fashion-forward take on office wear that will elongate your frame and create an effortlessly formal feel. Don’t forget to add heels if you want your maxi skirt to look more formal: sandals and flip flops will instantly inject a casual edge.

Perfect Pencil Skirts

Does the thought of wearing a pencil skirt make you think of air hostesses or prim and proper typists from the 1950s? You’re not alone! We were first introduced to this type of skirt by Christian Dior in 1954 and these form-fitting and feminine mid-length skirts have rarely changed since. Pencil skirts emphasize the hips rather than the waist, and they skim the body all the way down to between the calves and the ankles.

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SASSAFRAS Women Grey & White Printed Pencil Skirt by Myntra

But this seasons’ pencil skirts are bolder, brighter and more exciting. Balenciaga sent checked, kilt-inspired pencil skirts down the runway. Fendi chose bold and eye-catching diagonal stripes designed to flatter every body shape.

Prefer texture to pattern? Take inspiration from Salvatore Ferragamo’s luxe snakeskin skirts or opt for sequins, shine and shimmer!

How to wear Pencil Skirts?

The pencil skirt is surprisingly easy to wear in a modern and effortless way that won’t make you look like you’re on your way to a business meeting. Pair with a long sleeved logo print tee or super soft sweater and a pair of casual trainers for a low-key daytime look, or layer with your favorite ballet pumps and a simple silk blouse for a Parisian-inspired look that is oh so chic.

pfw aw19 day1 105 Copy 723x1024 - Different Types Of Skirts You Should Wear This Season!

Image Credit – Alexandra Lapp

You can even wear your pencil skirt in the evening; simply add a pair of killer heels and a simple, loose-fitting vest in black or navy blue for an easy to wear look that will attract attention for all the right reasons.

Now, as you know different types of Skirts trending this season, so check out collections of Skirts on Shoprapy curated from best fashion websites in India.

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