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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Types of Jeans for Women

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Types of Jeans for Women
May 29, 2020 Tor
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types of jeans for women

No matter what your size, age, or body shape, there is a perfect types of jeans out there for every women, you just need to find it.  Wearing jeans that fit you well is like waving a magic wand over your body. They will hold you in in all the right places, elongate your legs, and make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Decades ago, jeans were considered to be purely work wear but now you can wear jeans for almost every occasion: sexy jeans and tight jeans are perfect for a night out with your girlfriends, whilst low slung boyfriend jeans are ideal for creating a laid-back, casual feel. Here are our top tips for choosing the right types of jeans for you:

High Waisted Skinny Jeans

If you want to elongate your leg length and have a little extra hold and control around your middle section then high waisted skinny jeans are the perfect pick. Tight jeans are the most popular fit around right now and for good reason: they’re almost universally flattering, have just the right amount of stretch, and look amazing worn with both heels and flats. Pick these Only Blue high waisted skinny jeans if you’re looking for something classic but with a wonderfully modern feel.

High Waisted Skinny JeansHigh waisted Carlosa jeans from Stalk Buy Love

These types of jeans are great if:
– You have a curvy derriere.  Look for a pair with large back pockets, which will minimise the appearance of your rear and create a more flattering fit.
-You have long legs and slender calves. There’s no better way to show them off!
-You want a more formal jeans style, suitable for wearing on a night out with your girlfriends or a low key date.

Dark Jeans

The wash of the jeans you choose is just as important as the fit! Dark wash jeans are universally flattering and suited to every occasion. It has long been acknowledged that black goes with everything, so if you always have a pair of black jeans in your wardrobe then you will always have something to wear!

Looking For You Black Slim-fit Jeans by Lulu & Sky

Looking For You Black Slim-fit Jeans by Lulu & Sky

No matter what types of jeans you choose, if you choose a dark wash you will instantly make yourself look a dress size smaller! We love these black raw denim jeans, which are perfect no matter what your body shape. It’s no wonder that we saw such a huge increase in the number of black jeans sales last year.

These type of jeans are great if:
-You are apple or pear-shaped, as they will compliment your curves perfectly. Wearing a darker colour at the bottom of your outfit is a great way to give it balance and create the illusion of proportion.

Boyfriend Jeans Type

If you’re looking for a laid-back and effortless jean that isn’t constrictive then look for boyfriend fit jeans. Boyfriend jeans are best suited to casual events and look great paired with sandals and fitted vests or tees during the summer months.

Heavily Distressed Boyfriend Jeans by Koovs

Heavily Distressed Boyfriend Jeans by Koovs

Boyfriend jeans look best in blue: in black, they look blocky and will have a widening effect. Look for faded jeans with shading around the thighs and crotch area to create the illusion of jeans that have been lived in. The right fading and shading will hide any problem areas and make you look slimmer.

These type of jeans are great if:
-You have long legs. This season’s popular low slung boyfriend jeans will balance your body shape and trim your waist.
– You want something lightweight and airy for wearing during the summer months

Flared Jeans

If you want to really make a statement with your denim, then why not try a pair of retro-inspired flared jeans? These should be tight until just below the knee, where they flare out to create a wide-legged effect.

Mid Blue Embroidered Flared Jeans by Fab Alley

Mid Blue Embroidered Flared Jeans by Fab Alley

Flared jeans are great for showing off slender legs, and they look especially flattering in either a dark indigo wash or in bright white.  Unless you’re prepared to have your jeans especially tailored, the flared jean is best avoided if you’re particularly petite, as they will drown you and make you look much shorter than you are. If you don’t like heels, then these might not be the right jeans for you!

These type of jeans are great if:

-You are tall. They will give your outfit a focal point, showcase the length of your legs, and are something you can wear that very few others can.
-You like to wear heels.  No matter what your height, these are jeans that need height. You should always wear flared jeans with heels, even if you will only see a hint of your shoes peeping out from under them.
– You’re a dedicated follower of fashion: flared jeans are set to be this summer’s hottest trend.

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