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Trendy Ways On How To Wear Kurtis With Jeans To Look Super Stylish

Trendy Ways On How To Wear Kurtis With Jeans To Look Super Stylish
August 2, 2019 shoprapy

One of the best things about kurtis is that you can use them in numerous ways to create different looks. So, the same kurti that has a traditional look with leggings or Patiala pants will look modern and stylish with jeans.

Kurtis with jeans are in fact a very practical and fashionable outfit, making this combination a favorite with women of all ages.

Try out these trending ideas from Shoprapy on how to wear kurti with jeans and go big on style.

Long silk kurtis with skinny jeans

Pair long silk kurtis with skinny jeans and the striking contrast of the traditional straight kurti and modern pair of jeans will not go unnoticed. This contemporary combo will help you look very elegant, but smart.

Straight kurti with ankle-length jeans

Lustrous Black & Grey Tunic with Roll up Sleeves

Lustrous Black & Grey Tunic with Roll up Sleeves by Cilory

Look sleek and elegant in a straight kurti with your favorite ankle-length jeans. Choose kurtis with interesting necklines or embellished sleeves to add texture to your look. Pair it with a simple hairstyle like a messy bun or high ponytail and you will look confident and classy.

Tried and tested short kurti combination

how to wear kurtis with jeans

Jessica Green Cotton Kurti by Cilory

Short kurtis have been worn with jeans, for like forever! This timeless combination continues to be a big hit with youngsters and is the perfect attire for casual outings and events.The best jeans to wear with short kurtis are slim or skinny fit.If your kurti has statement details like an embroidered collar or neckline, highlight this detail by keeping your choice of denim simple.

Front-slit kurti with jeans

Nitya Navy Blue Kurti

Nitya Navy Blue Kurti by Cilory

Add an edgy look to your regular style by pairing your front-slit kurti with fitted jeans. The front slit in a kurta will make you look taller, while the indigo color of denim will create the illusion of long, slender legs. So, there you have the perfect combo to look slim and effortlessly hot.

Up and down kurti combination

Glorina Brown Kurti

Glorina Brown Kurti by Cilory

Trendy kurtis with asymmetrical edges in the hem look super-cool with jeans. This fusion look is a trendy and practical choice for casual wear. Choose kurtis in striking colors or with bold prints in soft, flowy fabric and you will glide like a goddess through the day.

Shirt-style kurtis combination

Peach and Yellow Hand Tie Dyed kurti with jeans

Peach and Yellow Hand Tie Dyed Shirt Dress by Rust Orange

Whether it is a round-bottom kurti or one with a stiff collar, the shirt-style kurti doesn’t have a better partner than classic dark-wash jeans. Complete your Boho look with a stole and ethnic sandals or sneakers for a comfortable Indo-western outfit.

Jacket kurti combination

Indigo Dabu & Rust Layered Jacket Dress with jeans

Indigo Dabu & Rust Layered Jacket Dress by Rust Orange

Every fashionable woman’s wardrobe should have at least one jacket kurti. Wear your kurti as such or without the jacket over a striking pair of jeans. You will look sassy and confident enough to rock at any social event.

With the right choice of kurti, you can dress up or down any type of jeans and look presentable at any occasion. Find amazing kurtis to pair with jeans for comfortable and distinct outfits in our extensive kurti collection at Shoprapy.

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