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Top Saree Wearing Tips and Styles on How To Look Slim and Trim

Top Saree Wearing Tips and Styles on How To Look Slim and Trim
May 11, 2019 shoprapy
How to look slim in a saree

How to wear saree to look slim?

The saree is traditional attire that magically adds feminine grace and elegance to your overall look. It is also a very forgiving outfit, as you can drape it in different ways to highlight your best assets while hiding lesser desirable areas within its folds.

Nevertheless, looking slim in a saree doesn’t just happen!

You must plan everything from choosing the right fabric and colors to draping it the right way to actually look thin. Here are some pointers on how to wear saree neatly to look slim to help with the task.

Start with the right fabric and color

Pick soft fabrics like chiffon and georgette instead of stiff ones like cotton. Being light and airy, these are easy to wear and do not add extra bulk to your frame. Dark colors like black, navy, brown and gray with thin borders are naturally slimming. Sarees with thin borders will elongate your frame and help you appear tall.

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Style your pallu right

To look lean, wear your saree with an open pallu. Leave the pallu free beyond the shoulder and hold it at the elbow to conceal bulky areas in the abdomen and waistline. However, if you are uncomfortable with the open pallu and prefer a pleated style, use neat and sleek overlapping pleats to cover the midriff and tummy. Also, longer the pallu is, the taller you will appear. So, pin the pallu in such a way that it extends to just below the knee.

Opt for solid colors or small prints

Large, bright and colorful prints have a bulky effect. Small prints and solid colors that stretch evenly across the length of the sari are a better choice for women who want to wear saree neatly to look slim. Fabrics like soft silk aren’t see-through and they will enable you to appear taller and thinner.

Pin your front pleats low

One of the best ways to elongate your frame and not add any additional bulk to the tummy area is to drape the saree slightly low and tightly tuck your pleats in just below the belly button. You can also wear a mermaid style, as it will highlight your legs and hips and distract the eye from the waistline.

Finally, don’t discount the importance of wearing the right blouse

Last but not least, your blouse selection is critical in determining your overall look. Long sleeve blouses and high neckline blouses can work wonders for your appearance. Not only are they elegant, but they also create the illusion of being slender. Ensure that the blouse fits correctly, as ill-fitting blouses will make you appear fat and not put-together.

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