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The Different Types Of Shirts Every Stylish Man Must Own!

The Different Types Of Shirts Every Stylish Man Must Own!
March 24, 2019 shoprapy
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Did you know that shirts for men first originated in Europe in the 17th century?

These early shirts were garments of simple design with small collars and boxy shapes. However, by the end of World War 1, the shirt as we know it today, with buttons along the front and chest pockets, came into existence.

Since then, this piece of clothing has continuously evolved and gained popularity as one of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe.

Today, shirts are available in a variety of styles. This could be because they are suitable for both formal and informal settings, whereas other items of clothing are considered suitable only for certain occasions.

So, let us look at the five different types of shirts you should own to ensure that your wardrobe is updated with the latest trends in men’s shirts.

Formal work Shirt

The classic work shirt is easily recognized by the presence of a turn-down collar and full-length button panel. Made from high-quality thick fabric with neat seams, these shirts are well-tailored and look smart and suitable for the workplace. While solid colors are common, classic prints like checks or twills are also interesting choices for business attire.

Casual short-sleeved shirt

This summer staple is made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton and feature vibrant prints and designs. The relaxed fit and short sleeves create a casual vibe, making it the right choice for informal gatherings, parties and holidays. The comfort factor also makes it a good outfit choice for warm weather.

Dress shirt

Dress shirts are must-haves for formal black-tie events,when you must appear in a suit or tuxedo. Classic dress shirts are neatly tailored, slim-fitting and available in soft solid colors. They look crisp and stiff, with full-length sleeves and a folded collar that holds a tie or bow.

Granddad shirt

This stylish shirt features a band collar, buttoned front panel and fold able sleeves. While original granddad shirts were in neutral colors, modern versions have pleasant and cheerful colors with or without prints and sleeves that can be rolled up. So, it isn’t surprising that these shirts are a huge hit with the younger generation.

Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is a versatile wardrobe piece that looks smart and neat. It is worn un tucked and creates a casual, relaxed vibe. Although denim shirts are classified as informal wear, they are presentable and suitable for semi-formal events like after-work parties.


Overshirts work like light jackets, allowing you to layer up when the weather starts getting chilly. It is usually made of thick fabric and can be worn untucked over a T-shirt. Overshirts will have turned down collars and full-length buttoned panels.

We can easily conclude that shirts form the foundation of a stylish man’s wardrobe.

Equip yourself with at least one of each of these different types of shirts from the extensive collection of shirts for men at Shoprapy, and you will be all set to dress for every social situation.

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