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5 Latest Color Trends In Sarees To Look Out For

5 Latest Color Trends In Sarees To Look Out For
January 2, 2019 shoprapy
Latest color trends in sarees to look out for

The Indian saree is a timeless classic; a wonderful outfit that enhances femininity through its unique draping style. An Indian woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without these six-yard beauties that are perfect for both formal and informal occasions.

Let us explore the latest trends in sarees for this season, so you can update your wardrobe with the choicest picks that are sure to win everyone’s approval.

1. Indigenous Indigo

The earthy shade of indigo blue is a contemporary, stylish choice that is very popular. This natural color is at its best when featured in handloom cotton fabric or silk fabric, since the natural texture of these fibers enhances the intensity of the color. Nevertheless, it is equally attractive on lightweight fabrics like georgette and chiffon. Pair it with a long-sleeved blouse and German silver jewelry, and you are set to dazzle at any occasion.

2. Never-fail Neutrals

The soft, soothing beauty of neutral colors make them a perfect choice for women of all ages. Popular neutral colors this season are white, beige, butterscotch and brown. Sarees in these colors with simple and subtle details make excellent combinations with vibrant, embellished and printed blouses. Neutrals are also perfect for mixing and matching, as they can pair well with dark and solid color blouses, enabling you to create various looks each time with the same saree.

3. Multi-colored Sarees

This latest fashion trend aims to satisfy your love for color by including more than just one color in a saree. Contrasting colors, stripes, checks and shades of the same color add excitement to the overall look. The combination of different hues in a single saree also makes it work with blouses in assorted colors. Half-and-half handloom and partywear sarees are another big trend. By mixing several types of prints, colors and textures in either half, these sarees are undeniably attractive.

4. Shades of Red

Red is a color that is always fashionable on the Indian fashion scene. It instantly creates a festive and bright look and is a color that is associated with weddings, festivals and celebrations. The traditional red and gold combination gets a fresh update this season, with dark and deep variations of the color replacing brighter shades. Warm shades in brick red, maroon and ruby red compliment the Indian skin tone beautifully and are dramatic, but not as overwhelming as the traditional shades.

5. Pretty Pastels

The modern woman’s preference for soft fabrics like linen and georgette has encouraged the revival of pastel colors in sarees for casual and everyday use. Not only do these colors pair well with stylish blouses with modern high collared necklines, they also work with a variety of accessories. Simple, yet elegant colors like mint green, lavender and peach are commonly paired with pretty silver and bronze borders and embellishments in the pallu. Linen sarees in these colors occasionally feature bright floral prints on soft backdrops.

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