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5 Brilliant Ideas On How To Wear Lehenga In Different Styles

5 Brilliant Ideas On How To Wear Lehenga In Different Styles
April 27, 2019 shoprapy
5 ways to wear lehanga

When it comes to traditional Indian celebrations, no other outfit compares with the elegance and magnificence of the beautiful Lehenga!

Lehengas are the perfect choice to create a personalized fashion statement at festivals like Diwali and Navaratri, as well as at weddings and associated events. Whether you want to look like a gorgeous diva or a delicate damsel, here are some ideas on how to wear lehenga in different styles to create the impact you desire.

The traditional sari drape style

Not a fan of complex dupatta draping styles? Then the classic sari drape is an easy and no-fail option for you. Simply tuck one end of the dupatta into the waistband of your lehenga and drape it around your body so it falls over your left shoulder, just like a sari.

This style looks best when the lehenga skirt has heavy details or the choli features embellishments on the sleeves and back. 

Open dupatta pinned on one side

If you have a beautiful figure, this is the right style to highlight it. Show off your slender frame and toned abdomen by pinning the dupatta on one shoulder of your choli. This simple lehenga drape allows you to be ready in a matter of minutes.

Choose this style to show off an opulent blouse with embellishments in the neckline and waistline to perfection.

Indo-western lehenga style with crop top and flared skirt

Add a modern twist to your traditional outfit by replacing the choli with a crop top blouse featuring modern details like a halter neckline or cold shoulder sleeves. Pair it with a simple flared lehenga skirt, so the details in top are not overlooked.

To balance the overall effect, choose complementing prints and colors for the top and skirt. Restrict the embellishments to either the upper or lower half only to prevent a cluttered effect.

Salwar-suit dupatta style

When the dupatta is the prettiest piece of your lehenga, drape it like you would wear a traditional salwar suit dupatta and it will look fantastic. You can also pleat the dupatta neatly on one shoulder, so it falls freely at the back, while the other side casually falls across your other arm.

When you are unsure of how to wear lehenga in different styles, opt for the classic Gujarati style dupatta drape. For this, make narrow pleats of the dupatta and pin it over the right shoulder, so the front is shorter than the back. Then take one corner of the fabric from the back forward and neatly tuck it in the center of your waistband, under your belly button.

The lehenga is a festive outfit even with minimal embellishments, as it is designed to always look dressy. Use the different ideas in this guide on how to wear lehenga in different styles as inspiration and brighten up your look in diverse ways for all types of occasions.

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