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How To Wear A Jumpsuit Like A Fashionista

How To Wear A Jumpsuit Like A Fashionista
June 17, 2019 shoprapy

If there is one outfit that always finds its way back to the fashion scene every few seasons, it is the jumpsuit!

Although the jumpsuit takes on new dimensions and styles each time, this all-in-one garment is always a fashion-favorite for women of all age groups. Much more than the typical pant-dress combination, the jumpsuit effortlessly ties together comfort with functionality to form a practical, comfortable and cheerful outfit.

If you haven’t tried it yet, follow this guide on how to wear jumpsuit step by step and get ready to look your fashionable best.

AKS Black & Cream-Coloured Printed Basic Jumpsuit by Ajio

1.Pick a jumpsuit with the right details

SASSAFRAS Pink Jumpsuit by Ajio

Jumpsuits can be casual or formal, short or long and plain or printed. You will find them in different fabrics like cotton, wool or denim and with different sleeve lengths and necklines. Choose the one that is most suitable by factoring in the weather and occasion. Loose-fit jumpsuits look very casual while sleek and well-tailored slights create a polished look. Pay attention to the colors and prints to make sure that it will flatter your body shape and complexion.

2.Pair your jumpsuit with the right add-ons

A good jumpsuit has what it takes to create the right impression. Nevertheless, you can further enhance its effectiveness with suitable accessories. Here are three ideas to try out.

Add a belt or sash:Break up a solid colored jumpsuit with an interesting belt or sash at the waist. By cinching your body at its narrowest area, a belt or sash will define your figure and draw attention to your curves.

FabAlley Black Solid Basic Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit by Ajio

Layer it with a jacket or shrug:Another very popular option is to layer the jumpsuit beneath a jacket or shrug. With the right choice of outerwear, you can easily draw attention to your best assets and improve the overall look.

Pink Dillion Bell Sleeve Sheer Shrug by Stalk Buy Love

Choose the right jewelry: Increase the visual appeal of your jumpsuit with just the right accessories and jewelry. A necklace will draw attention to a deep-cut neckline while long, dangler earrings or an embellished watch will add the right amount of details to one with a high neckline.

DOROTHY PERKINS Curve Black Solid Jumpsuit by Myntra

Choose your footwear well:Choose between heels, flats and pumps based on the occasion. Heels will elongate a solid-color jumpsuit. Flats, pumps and sneakers create a relaxed vibe to a casual jumpsuit. Finally, embellished sandals and formal shoes are the right choice for purely formal events.

3.Carry off your jumpsuit in style

Roadster Blue Slim Fit Denim Dungarees by Ajio

The jumpsuit automatically makes a woman look smart and confident.

So, show off your cool side in this statement outfit by experimenting different hair and makeup styles till you find combinations that look best. Add a pair of sunglasses or a stylish clutch to complete your jumpsuit look, and you are all set to make the best impression and get noticed.

Now that you know all about how to wear jumpsuit step-by-step, find jumpsuits that appeal to your fashionable side at Shoprapy. As the ultimate fashion destination for women who seek the best in contemporary but casual outfits, you will find the choicest picks in jumpsuits for both formal and casual occasions in our collection.

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