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How To Style Denim Jackets Like a PRO!

How To Style Denim Jackets Like a PRO!
April 25, 2020 shoprapy
how to style a denim jacket with dresses and kurti

Every fashionable woman has at least one pair of jeans. However, not everyone has a denim jacket in their wardrobe, which is a pity!

Denim or jean jackets are extremely functional accessories. They can help you achieve a variety of looks and are suitable for any weather.

You cannot go wrong with this functional piece on a breezy summer evening or as an additional layer under your winter coat. But this is just the beginning of your different options with denim jackets.

Get inspired and learn how to style denim jackets to create various looks with the following style suggestions.

Denim jacket as a shirt

Wear your jean jacket like a button-down shirt and make it stand out. Pair it with white jeans, skirts or regular trousers for casual sophistication. You can even wear your denim jacket with jeans of the same color to create the appearance of a jumpsuit. It will add a cool vibe and help you look young and smart.

denim jacket as a shirt

H&M Women Blue Tie-belt Denim Jacket by Myntra

Layer over a dress

Wear a vibrant short dress with a denim jacket for a relaxed and laid back look. Distressed denim jackets will create a shabby chic finish that works for casual outings or visits to the beach. This combination is very practical for warm days. If it gets too hot, simply throw the jacket over your neck or tie it around the waist and continue to look cool.

denim jacket layered over a dressImage Credit : The Teacher Diva

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Denim jacket with skater dresses

Take years off your look by pairing a light blue denim jacket and a sleek and modern skater dress. The loose fit of the jacket over the snug dress will make you look stylish and put together. If skater dresses are too short for your liking, add matching or neutral-colored legging to your outfit and you will be good to go.

light denim jacket with skater dress

Image Credit – A Southern Drawl

Indo-western denim jacket with kurti

For a fusion twist to your desi avatar, combine a denim jacket with your favorite kurti. Don’t forget silver jewelry to add the finishing touch. This type of layering is good for the outdoors and you can carry it stylishly in both warm and cool weather.

denim jacket over a indo western kurti

Image Credit – Pinterest

Denim Jacket with maxi dress

Denim jackets over maxi dresses form stylish transition outfits when the weather is neither too cold nor yet warm. A classic, faded blue denim jacket is the best choice. It will go with any maxi dress color and style. You can also try a non-blue denim jacket that complements your maxi dress color.

denim jacket over a maxi dress

Image Credit – Wear & When

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Denim jackets are not just protective outerwear. They are excellent fashion accessories at wallet-friendly prices. You can work them into various looks. Try experimenting with this powerful jacket as per our suggestions and you will never leave home again without it.

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