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Your Cotton Saree Shouldn’t Age Like You! Maintain Its Original Beauty with these Hacks

Your Cotton Saree Shouldn’t Age Like You! Maintain Its Original Beauty with these Hacks
January 24, 2020 shoprapy
How to maintain cotton sarees with these hacks

Indian woman and their love for saree is unimaginable.  They can go absolutely crazy when it comes to buying saree and why shouldn’t they? With hundreds of design, prints, colours and textures available, they look beautiful and even make the woman look graceful. No woman is satisfied with one piece of this attire. They need to buy more and more all the time. Every year, we see different designs and patters that can easily tempt the mood of every saree shopper.

Wanting more sarees is not a bad thing until you know how to maintain them. Every saree wearer has different set of collection for different occasions in their wardrobe. They would have a separate section for daily wears and separate section for their exclusive collection. Sarees that are worn daily does not need to be maintained because they are usually made up of light material. Simple washing and ironing can do the magic. But your exclusive items need maintenance so that they don’t lose their shine ever. Even if you have plain georgette sarees with golden borders that you wear occasionally, they need proper maintenance otherwise they can easily lose their charm.

Maintaining your Six Yards of Love

Your clothes need proper maintenance, especially if they have intricate work that can easily lose its beauty with time. Sarees are no exception. Even they require to be maintained properly to retain their original beauty. You can have hundreds of items in your closet stacked up. But if you don’t pay much attention to them, they can easily look dull and boring after few years, whereas maintaining them beautifully can keep their aura alive even after decades. If you have a saree that is an heirloom and you need to pass it to the next generation, it is really important to take good care of your precious possessions from ageing. Learn How to maintain your cotton sarees at home by following these easy tips:-

Protect Your Saree from Dust and Light

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have big closets to keep their exclusive dress material. In such situation, women have to keep their sarees in regular cupboards that is susceptible to dust and light. Dust and light can ruin its look easily. To protect your precious possessions from these elements, you should wrap them in soft cotton cloth and you are done. Indian women have a habit of bringing their clothes in direct sunlight once in few months to get rid of moths. But what they don’t realize that it can easily discolor their saree. If you still need them to take out in fresh air, keep it for few hours out in an area with shade. They will feel fresh and amazing.

Don’t Stuff them with Plastic

Plastic is the most common packing material available in market. However, as harmful it is for environment and it is harmful your sarees as well. It is important that you store your saree properly to prevent them from damage, but covering them in plastic bags or packing material made of plastic can accelerate their ageing process. Like human, even your clothes need breathing. Covering them in plastic will not allow any air to pass, resulting in making the saree dull and lifeless. Wrapping them in cotton cloth allow it breath adequately so that they can retain their original beauty.

Hang Your Sarees

If you have space in your closet, make sure you hang them to avoid any wrinkles and creases. If possible, hang them with wrappers so that they don’t catch dust or light. Also, try and use plastic hangers to maintain your sarees because metal hangers can react with work and can cause stains that are difficult to remove.

Don’t use Naphthalene Balls

It is a common phenomenon to keep naphthalene balls for storing cloths to prevent them moths. But it is a strict no-no if you want to keep your sarees alive for years. Naphthalene balls have chemicals that can react with cloths and cause serious damage. Not to forget, they are hazardous for health. Instead use natural things like cinnamon or neem leaves to protect your clothes. They have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that protect your sarees from insects.

Use Washing Instructions

Not every fabric is machine washable. Certain fabrics like silk or zari should only be dry-cleaned. Even some cotton fabrics need mild detergents for washing else they can easily wear out. If your saree is stained, don’t let the stain sit for months. Instead dry clean it immediately and store them fresh and clean.

These six tips can help you retain the original beauty of your saree for a longer period. Use them occasionally so that they remain to look beautiful and exquisite.

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