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How to choose the best dress for your body type?

How to choose the best dress for your body type?
December 21, 2018 shoprapy
How to choose the best dress for your body type

Have you ever noticed how a dress that looks great on another woman is less appealing when you wear it? This is because of the difference in your body types.

When you know your body type and choose dresses that flatter it, you will look your best. The right dresses will highlight your best assets and distract from the less attractive areas of your body.

So, the key is to find your body type and pick dresses that enhance the best qualities of your natural shape.

There are four main body types—Apple, Pear, Rectangle and Hourglass. Let us look at how to recognize which of them best defines your body shape and learn about the best dress styles for it.

Apple Body Type

Women with this body type will have broader shoulders and bust measurements than hip measurements. The waistline is not well-defined.

Best dress styles for Apple Body type

To balance out the larger proportions of the upper body and camouflage the smaller dimensions of the hips, choose dresses that elongate the upper half. Fit and flare dresses will add volume to the lower half and create the illusion of an hourglass figure. V-necklines and wrapped dresses flatter this body type as they play up the top part and distract from the thinner waistline.

Pear Body Type

The pear body type has waist and hip measurements that are wider than the bust and shoulders.

Best dress styles for Pear body type

To conceal the wider proportions of your lower body, choose outfits that draw the eye upwards. Dresses with wide necklines and patterns and texture in the top half will make your shoulders appear broad and balance out your overall shape. A-line dresses, off-the-shoulder necklines, straight-cut dresses and maxi dresses look great on this body type.

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Rectangle Body Type

As the name suggests, this body type has similar proportions in the upper and lower half and the waistline is also not well-defined. This creates a straight, athletic appearance.

Best dresses for Rectangle body type

Dresses that create the impression of curves will make this body type look more feminine. Choose outfits with a defined waistline to balance both halves. Wrap dresses and empire waistlines will also look good. Dresses with ruffles, texture, embellishments and layers in the skirt flatter this body type.

Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass is considered to be the ideal body type and is characterized by balanced proportions in the top and bottom halves and a well-defined waistline.

Best dresses for Hourglass body type

If you are an hourglass, you will be able to carry most dress styles. Use your curves to your advantage by highlighting them. Dresses that fit well along your natural curves will draw attention to your attractive figure. Dresses with dropped waist and close-fits will look amazing on this body type. V-necklines, straight-cut dresses and pencil skirts also flatter this body type.

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