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How To Select Perfume Like A Pro: Ultimate Guide to Buying Perfume Online

How To Select Perfume Like A Pro: Ultimate Guide to Buying Perfume Online
January 28, 2020 shoprapy
How to Select Perfume like a pro - buying perfume online

Online shopping has gained immense traction in the last few years for being highly convenient, cost effective, and plenty of other benefits. You can not only buy new lipstick from the comforts of your home but also new shoes, groceries, electronics, medicines, and what not.

If you can shop for just about anything, then why not Buy Perfumes For Women Online? The reason most people refrain from shopping for fragrances online store is because they don’t know what they are expecting when the product arrives. How it is possible to choose something virtually that has such a sensory impact?

But don’t worry. This article will help you streamline the perfume shopping process so that you can select the right scent without smelling it! Here are some tips that will help you make the perfect choice.

Research what you want

Before you pounce on discounted fragrances, it is important to research your options. The last thing you want is to be stuck with not-so-good perfume from a less reputable company! This is the reason you need to do your homework to know exactly what you want and what to expect when you buy it! Start by reading customer reviews and see what the others have to say about it. You can also read up some blogs or check out YouTube videos to get an idea about the fragrance. These experiences will help you make an informed decision. But before you hit the buy button; be sure to educate yourself about the return policies, just in case you are unhappy with it.

Take up scent personality quizzes

Everybody has an individual personality and that personality matches one’s signature scent. For instance, someone with an extrovert personality type may like strong fragrances while an introvert may prefer light scents with floral undertones. Taking scent quizzes will help you determine your personality type as well as your olfactory preferences. These factors can really help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect fragrance.

Read the descriptions

The descriptions on perfume websites can be very helpful in understanding the scent. Read these descriptions to understand if that scent matches your personal style and preferences. For example, someone with a bright and playful personality may not like anything that is too overpowering. Therefore, look for descriptions that appeal to you and seem relatable at a visceral level. Ideally, it should match not just your personality but also your lifestyle.

Educate yourself about the notes

When you are reading about perfumes, you are guaranteed to come across the word “notes” one too many times. Notes are classified into 4 categories – fresh, floral, woodsy, and oriental. Knowing the correct theme will help you choose the right perfume.

  • Fresh: This category of perfumes consists of elegant, fresh, and simple tones. Anything in citrus or organic type will come under this category. These simple tones are best for someone looking for outdoorsy fragrances that are playful and energetic.
  • Floral: This is one of the most commonly bought fragrance type that consists of notes from roses, jasmine, and lilies, to name a few. Floral perfumes contain purely floral scents or fruity blends such as strawberries, guava etc. There is also floral oriental that is made of spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. Since they can be mixed with plenty of fragrances, you can actually get tons of options when it comes to floral options. You can find subtle and exotic scents as well as bold ones in this category. If you have a very feminine personality, then this family of scents will be perfect for you!
  • Woody: If you prefer your scents to elegant and outdoorsy, then this is the perfect fragrance for you. It leaves behind a fresh trail of scent in notes of cedar, sandalwood, and birch wood that reminds one of the great outdoors. Woody notes are mainly found in men’s fragrances because they can be very strong.
  • Oriental: These scents belong to those who have extremely bold and sensual personality. They are exciting and don’t mind a strong trail of fragrance that they leave behind. If you have an exciting and scintillating personality, then you will find notes of musk, nutmeg, vanilla, and coriander in this category.

Now that you are aware of all there is to know about the scents, how to find them, and relate them with your personality, use these tips to find the fragrance that aligns with your personality and fragrance expectations. Be sure to verify the authenticity of the online store and research the scent you like to ensure you are buying the one you really want. If not, then you should be able to return it for a full refund!

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