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Expert Recommended Tips On How To Dress On An Interview Day

Expert Recommended Tips On How To Dress On An Interview Day
May 21, 2019 shoprapy
how to dress for an interview

You may be the ideal candidate for an advertised job position with the right qualification, skills and experience. Nevertheless, your prospective employer’s first impression of you will be based on how you present yourself on the interview day.

So, it is crucial that you dress for success!

Follow the expert tips from Shoprapy on how to dress on an interview day to nail the first impression.

1.Understand the expected level of formality

Do some background research to identify whether the company follows the formal, business casual or relaxed dress code. Then choose a suitable outfit that matches this dress code. If you are unsure of how to dress on an interview day, check out how current employees of the company dress. Even if they follow a relaxed dress code, find a neat and modest outfit for your interview to convey that you are serious about the job. Modern, but professional looking clothes make the best impression.

2.Go for neutrals

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Avoid loud colors and flashy prints in your outfit. Stick with neutrals and solid colors to look professional. Neutrals like black, brown, gray and navy are always trendy and appropriate for any work place. If you wish to add color to your outfit, restrict it to solid colors in the top or bottom half only.

3.Keep the overall look uncluttered and simple

Choose uncluttered and classy details in your clothes and accessories, so it does not distract the interviewer. Avoid wearing anything that is too tight, too short or see-through. When in doubt, opt for conservative choices. Wear only those accessories and jewelry that you absolutely need. Pick a simple hairstyle and neutral colors for your makeup and nails.

4.Comfort is critical

Dress in clothes that help you look confident and smart but are also comfortable and weather-appropriate. Based on your body type, pick dresses that you can carry well. They should also flatter your body shape. Avoid wearing a new dress or new shoes that you haven’t tried on before, as it may cause discomfort and affect your ability to perform well at the interview.

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5.Aim for a polished and updated look

Simple aspects about your appearance like clean nails, conservatively styled hair and neatly-pressed clothes can make a big difference. Hiring managers generally prefer candidates who care about appearances and wear fresh styles. So, avoid outdated pieces in your outfit. Pay attention to the small things like polishing your shoes and ensuring your outfit is wrinkle-free to look your best.

There is no single outfit that will work at every job interview. Nonetheless, you can easily choose the right attire for an interview when you understand the expected dress code and find clothes that fit and flatter you to look smart and confident.

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