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Top Tips For Choosing the Different Types of Dresses for Every Occasion

Top Tips For Choosing the Different Types of Dresses for Every Occasion
May 14, 2018 Tor
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Top Tips For Choosing the Different Types of Dresses for Every Occasion

Many women are intimidated and confused about the different types of dresses and how to wear them but, in reality, the dress is one of the easiest and most versatile pieces you can own. No need to colour match separates or worry about whether your shirt looks good with your favorite jeans. Just throw it on and go!

Want to invest in a new dress for an upcoming event but not sure about the dress styles that will best suit you? There are Different types of dresses available, but here are some of our favorites for this season, as well as the right ways to wear them:

A Little Black Dress

If you don’t already own a little black dress then you need to hit the shops today! The right LBD will form the centerpiece of your wardrobe and will become your go-to piece when you just don’t know what to wear. Job interview, meeting, red-hot date? The LBD can cover it all!

little black dress

Image Credit – Jennifer Connelly

If you’re looking for a black dress that is as versatile as possible then choose a classic shift style dress in a silk, or silk and cotton blend. Without any texture or distinctive details, you can use this dress to reflect your unique sense of style and make it appropriate for any occasion. View your little black dress as a blank canvas: as long as it fits you perfectly, you can accessories it in so many ways that it will look different every time you wear it.

Top Styling Tips

Here are our top tips for wearing a this type of dress:

  • Add colour with accessories. If you want to make this semi-formal dress feel a little more fun then a beaded clutch bag, vibrant coloured leather shoe, or even a waist belt will all inject your outfit with personality.
  • Don’t look good in black? Don’t worry, a lot of women don’t! But you can still have a timeless and versatile dress in your wardrobe. Just opt for a warmer navy blue dress instead. Just as formal as black, navy tends to flatter a wider range of skin tones.
  • If you have toned arms then opt for a sleeveless dress to show these off: it’s a great way of showing off a little skin in an appropriate way. If you prefer to cover your arms then there is a wide range of black shifts with sleeves to choose from too: this will make your legs the focal point of the outfit, so think carefully about the shoes you choose.

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Sultry Spaghetti Straps Dress

One of this season’s hottest trends is the revival of the minimalist 90s. Think the rise of the supermodel decked out in plain stretch body con dresses with skinny spaghetti straps. These are the perfect dresses for a hot date or a big night out with your girlfriends.

The key to wearing these thin strapped dresses is to wear a strapless bra to emphasize the minimalist neckline. The thinner the straps you are able to choose the better, particularly if you’re looking to wear this dress for a sultry evening wear look.

Floral Print Slip Dress by Shein

Floral Print Slip Dress by Shein

Top Styling Tips

Here are our top tips for wearing a spaghetti strap dress:

  •  Want to give your spaghetti strap dress an eye-catching, fashion-forward twist? Pair it with a printed bomber jacket in a silk satin finish and your favorite vibrant shade. Bomber jackets and varsity-style jackets are a thoroughly modern investment piece that will make even the simplest dress look innovative.
  • Don’t be afraid to embrace the ’90s revival and pair your dress with your favorite pair of sneakers. This will create a high-low effect, and will immediately inject an air of casual (but cool) nonchalance into your overall look

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A Marvelous Midi Dress

The Midi dress is one of our favorite types of dresses, perfect for wearing on hot summer days whilst still retaining an air of modesty. The midi dress is the perfect choice for accentuating the waist, creating a semi-formal feel, and can be worn for every occasion. This is the perfect dress to choose if you’re going to a summer wedding, garden party or other event.

midi dress

Fashion Blogger The Darling Detail wearing Trouve Open Back Midi Dress

Block colours are perfect for showcasing pretty accessories, whilst if you’re looking for something showstopping in its own right then opt for a floral midi dress. This will create an English Country Garden feel that is very on-trend for this season.

Top Styling Tips

Here are our top tips for wearing a midi dress:

  • If you’re petite then you can still wear a midi dress, but it’s important to pair your dress with heels. The higher the better! This will elongate your frame and stop you from looking wide and frumpy.
  • If you want to flash a little dress them look for a sleeveless midi dress. This is the perfect way to showcase toned and slender arms whilst still ensuring your dress is formal and appropriate for every occasion.

So these are the different types of dresses which you can rock this season. Choose stylish dresses from a large selection of dresses from best Indian fashion websites at 1 place – Shoprapy.

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