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6 Most Fashionable Ways of How To Wear A Blazer Casually!

6 Most Fashionable Ways of How To Wear A Blazer Casually!
April 8, 2019 shoprapy
How to wear a blazer casually

If there is one wardrobe essential that is versatile, stylish and worth your money, it is a blazer!

There is a huge misconception that blazers are strictly meant for formal work places. However, recent fashion trends prove that there are endless ways in which a blazer can add sophistication and style to a super-casual look.

Whether it is for work or an outing with friends, a blazer can be styled in more ways than you can imagine. So, this single outfit piecebasically allows you the flexibility to plan various lookscentered around it.

Here are some ideas on how to wear a blazer casually with different fashion items and look effortlessly chic.

Dress up the head-to-toe denim look

A blazer is the perfect accessory to add an interesting twist to the trending head-to-toe denim look. Choose a modern blazer with attractive style elements like flared sleeves and wear it over a button-down denim shirt and your favorite pair of jeans. This combination will help you create a seriously distinctive look without trying too hard.

Blazer over jeans

Instantly elevate your style quotient by wearing a chic blazer over skinny or boyfriend jeans and a simple T-shirt. The classic combo is great for casual Fridays at work as well as for everyday life. And for a completely laid-back vibe, pair your blazer with distressed jeans. Don’t forget to add statement footwear for the perfect finishing touch.

Boyfriend blazer with fitted trousers

You do not have to be too creative to look great in a long-sleeve boyfriend blazer. When compared to traditional blazers, the relaxed fit of boyfriend blazers makes it easy to style. Simply pick one with printed details and button it over your black top and tailored trousers. Wear it with hoop earrings and matching pumps and you are all set to go.

Style it with a dress

Layer up on a chilly evening in a blazer worn over a fashionable dress.  Although this is an unusual pairing, the contrast of the masculine blazer with a feminine dress creates a casual and almost cute Boho vibe.

Color it cool

Patterned and bold colored blazers will instantly spice up your look. So, ditch the neutrals and pick a blazer in a flashy color, and your bold choice will stand out. Take it a level further by pairing your vibrant blazer with contrasting but complementary colors in your top and trousers. Or match your blazer to your shoes for a coordinated, yet fun look.

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Waterfall blazer with jeans

You cannot go wrong with a waterfall blazer over a pastel top and distressed jeans. Being very different from typical blazers, this modern outfit piece will enhance your style quotient and highlight your quirky personality.

No wardrobe is complete without a blazer, and with the right styling tips you can work this piece of clothing into a variety of casual looks.

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