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6 Different Types Of Leggings Every Trendy Women Should Know!

6 Different Types Of Leggings Every Trendy Women Should Know!
February 7, 2019 shoprapy
6 types of leggings

Did you know that leggings first appeared in the 14th century in Scotland, where it was men who wore them?

It was much later, in the 19th century, that the leggings craze spread to women. Since then, different types of leggings have made their way into the modern woman’s wardrobe.In fact, few other items of clothing constantly appear on the fashion scene like leggings do.

Leggings are characterized by their snug-fit and elasticated waistband. They appear in various colors, lengths, fabrics and styles.

Here are the main different types of leggings that you should know about.

1. Ankle-length leggings

These leggings extend from the waistline till the ankles. They make your legs appear slimmer and helps you appear taller. Due to the full-length coverage they provide, ankle length leggings are a perfect cover up for chilly weather.  Wear ankle-length leggings with tops that stretch beyond the waistline, like dresses, tunics, shirt dresses and kurtis.

2. Capri-length leggings

The length of these smart and stylish leggings falls just below the knee. Their cropped length makes them ideal for warmer months, when you can pair capri-length leggings with T-shirts, long tops or modern kurtis. These leggings are also suitable as workout and outdoor gear.

3. Printed leggings                                  

Different types of leggings featuring animal prints, scenery, geometric designs and digital prints are a huge trend on the fashion scene. When wearing printed leggings, it is important to keep the details in the top simple to avoid an uncluttered look. Pair printed leggings with solid-colored tops to draw attention to the fun and funky colors and designs in the lower part of your outfit.

4. Jeggings

Jeggings are the popular variety of leggings that resembles jeans. They are more comfortable than jeans as they are light and stretchy. Jeggings are available in different shades of indigo, grey and black and feature plain wash, faded, embellished, ripped and printed styles. You can also choose from high-waist, mid-rise and low waistlines according to your preference. Click To know more about jeggings and how to style it better.

5. Churidar leggings

Made from stretchy fabric like cotton lyra and with a ruffled finish at the ankles, churidar leggings are very practical and comfortable. You can easily pair them with long kurtis and other ethnic outfits. They are available in solid colors to match the details in tops. You can also pair different types of churidar leggings with short dresses and long sweaters. Or wear it with crop tops and jackets for a funky Indo-Western look.

6. Athletic leggings

Athletic leggings are comfortable active wear for women who regularly visit the gym or enjoy outdoor adventure activities. They offer much needed warmth during cold weather. Athletic leggings give your legs a nice, smooth finish and they have a high-rise or mid-rise waistline.

Whether it is for daily use, as workout gear or for parties, leggings are an indispensable part of the modern woman’s wardrobe. As form-fitting garments they are suitable as outwear and to serve the purpose of layering in cool weather.

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