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5 Latest & Unique Kurti Styles For Trendy Women

5 Latest & Unique Kurti Styles For Trendy Women
December 10, 2018 shoprapy
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Being comfortable, classy and affordable, kurtis have been popular on the Indian fashion scene for several years. This outfit is perfect for any setting, whether it is for work, college, festivals or casual outings. So, every fashion-conscious woman in India will without a doubt, have a collection of trendy and unique kurtis. The stunning variety of choices also ensures that there is something suitable for every budget and taste.

The increasing demand for stylish kurtis has encouraged designers to come up with new styles and patterns that suit the changing taste of the contemporary woman. Here are the top 5 unique kurti styles that are most trending today.

1. Classic straight-cut Kurti

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Varanga Pink Solid Kurta

Straight-cut kurtis are the eternal favorite of the Indian woman. As the name suggests, this style features a straight shape without any flare from top to bottom. The latest versions of straight-cut kurtis extend to just below the knee.

Ideal for:

These kurtis are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. They are the perfect choice for women who want to look slim and tall. Straight-cut kurtis work well with palazzos, leggings and pants.

2. Royal gown-style kurtis

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Aashi Royal Blue Gown Style Kurti

Perfect for festive occasions and parties, gown-style kurtis are the latest trend in stylish party wear. Extending to full length, they are dramatic with their flared cut and intricate details. The silk and crepe versions are popular choices this season. Ruffled sleeves, boat-type necklines and embellished capelets are some of the style features to look out for in the latest versions of gown-style kurtis.

Ideal for:

While simple designs are suitable for semi-formal occasions, elaborate styles with embellished details will make a statement at weddings and formal events.Choose from fit and flare or straight styles to highlight the best aspects of your figure and hidethe less desirable ones.

3. Anarkali kurtis

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Jaipur Kurti Orange Printed Cotton Long Kurta

The frock-style pattern of Anarkali kurtis looks good on most body types. This kurti fits along the natural curves all the way down till the waistline, from where it opens out into a layered top. The design can hide a curvy mid-section and hips effectively.

Ideal for:

Anarkali kurtis are suitable for all body types. With both simple and elaborate anarkali kurtis being available, you can pick basic styles for casual use and kurtis with tiered layers and embellishments for special occasions.

4.Asymmetrical kurtis

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Beige & Teal Dabu Asymmetric Flared Gathered Dress with Pockets

Asymmetrical kurtis have a high-low cut at the hem that adds an exciting note to the overall look. They have a youthful appeal that sets the wearer apart in a crowd. Asymmetrical kurtis can have just one layer or it may be more elaborate and feature several layers.

Ideal for:

This style works for all body types. With the right positioning of the high-low detail, you can draw attention to your slender legs and appear taller and slimmer.

5. Jacket-style kurti

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Ziyaa Navy & Red Cotton Kurta With Jacket

Here, the humble straight or flared kurti is paired with a stunning jacket. Variations of the jacketinclude sleeveless half-jackets and full-length styles. The jacket maybe removable or attached to the kurti at the shoulders.

Ideal for:

The jacket-style kurti creates an illusion of curves in the upper body. They look good with palazzos and leggings. Pay attention to the details on the jacket to decide if it is suitable for casual wear or better for festive occasions.

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