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5 Easy styling hacks on how to dress to look slim and fabulous

5 Easy styling hacks on how to dress to look slim and fabulous
March 8, 2019 shoprapy
How to dress to look slim

Are you constantly worrying about those extra kilos that make you appear fat or frumpy in your clothes?

Then you should perhaps take a closer look at how you dress and not at what you eat. You can look thinner almost instantly with some clever styling tips and few wardrobe tweaks. Wondering how to do this?

Join us as we look at some of the most effective style hacks on how to dress to look slim and stunning.

1. Bring on black

Although most dark colors are slimming, black is most effective at making you look thinner than you are. Black outfits do an amazing job of hiding imperfections and hence are great choices to hide bulges and fat.

However, head-to-toe black outfits can be boring. So, balance it well with other colors. If you are not fond of your curvy upper half or your belly area is bulky, try a black top. Or if your hips are the problem area, try black trousers and skirts.

2. Say Yes to strategic color blocking

Color blocking is an effective method to highlight your best features while distracting from the less attractive areas of your body. Mix and match contrasting colors in the top and bottom halves of your outfit to emphasize the parts that you want people to notice.

Dark jeans and trousers can create a slimmer look, especially if you pair it with light-colored tops. You can also choose dresses with blocks of colors in specific locations to create the shape you desire.

3. Vertical stripes are your friend

Did you know that the human eye tends to follow the direction of lines across your body? Use this simple optical weakness to your advantage by wearing vertical stripes, and you will automatically appear taller and slimmer.

Since stripes are a bold detail, wear it only in the top or bottom half and keep the rest of your outfit simple to avoid a cluttered look.

4. Lose the loose outfits

Avoid wearing loose and baggy clothes, as they add extra bulk to your frame. Thin and flimsy fabric will cling to your body and make you appear bigger. Instead opt for well-fitted clothes in structured and crisp materials and it will minimize your size.

Choose the right patterns and styles that flatter your figure and make sure that your clothes fit well but are not too tight.

5. Layer it right

The best thing about dressing in layers is that you can use it to either add or reduce volume to your figure. With the right length and style for a jacket, shrug or cardigan, you can hide a heavy bust or distract from a less-than-flat tummy.

You can also use layers of clothing to add extra curves to your figure, where there aren’t any.

Rather than fighting your flaws, try to embrace your natural figure and find new ways on how to dress to look slim

. With the right clothes, you can look lighter and feel more confident and stylish, without losing even a kilo. And find all that you need on this journey to looking fit and fab, here at Shoprapy.

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