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5 Easy Rules For Flawless Shirt And Pant Colour Combinations For Men

5 Easy Rules For Flawless Shirt And Pant Colour Combinations For Men
June 5, 2020 shoprapy
men's shirt and pants combinations

Do you constantly struggle when trying to decide what color shirts go with what color pants?

Matching the different parts of an outfit to create a balanced and smart look is an art. When you choose the right shirt and pant colour combinations, your appearance improves. You look put-together!

Now, the good news is that finding the right combination of colours doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow a few tried-and-tested colour rules to master the art of dressing well.

So, let’s cut right to the chase and break down the basic rules for pairing shirts with pants. Stick to these guidelines and you will look good for any occasion.

1. Contrast is key

One of the easiest ways to strike a balance between different outfit pieces is to maximize the contrast. Whether you use colours that are near each other on the colour wheel or entirely different colours, make sure that there is a stark contrast to make them work together.

So, the lighter the shade of your shirt, the darker your pant should be. The reverse applies as well. Pair a dark shirt with a light pant to get the combination right. The stronger the contrast, the more impactful your outfit will be.

HIGHLANDER Men Blue Slim Fit Solid Casual Shirt by Myntra

The rule of contrast works for both formal and casual outfits. However, it is highly suitable for formal occasions when you aim for a serious vibe.

Textured Extra Slim Fit Shirt with Patch Pocket

Textured Extra Slim Fit Shirt with Patch Pocket by Ajio

Black and white is the best example of this rule of contrasts. Whether you pair a white shirt with black pants or the other way around, you simply cannot go wrong.

2. When in doubt, opt for neutrals

Brown, white, grey, khaki, navy blue, and olive green are menswear neutrals. The best thing about these colours is that they match almost all other colours. So, if you like to experiment with different combinations, you should have at least a few neutral pieces in your wardrobe.

Mix and match shirts in unconventional colours with pants in neutral colours to find the best combinations. Here are some examples.

Deep jewel tone shirts

Jewel tones are rich, saturated colours. They are perfect for parties and festive occasions. Since they are strong colours, pair them with neutrals to balance your overall look.

When you wear jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red and amethyst purple with black or dark grey pants, the colours pop. Meanwhile, subtle hues like beige will tone down the impact.

Credits: Pinterest

Bright and flashy printed shirts with pants combination

Colourful, quirky printed shirts will look too busy unless paired with the right pants. If you wear them with coloured pants, you can end up with a cluttered, messy look.

Instead, wear printed shirts with plain neutral pants for a flattering combination.

Cotton Cambric Kalamkari Bush Shirt

Cotton Cambric Kalamkari Bush Shirt by Fab India

The other fail-safe option for printed and patterned shirts is denim. The dark navy colour of jeans pants will tone down the effect of a flashy printed shirt.

AweTRend Men Navy Blue Slim Fit Printed Casual Shirt by Myntra

AweTRend Men Navy Blue Slim Fit Printed Casual Shirt by Myntra

Neutrals with neutrals

Neutrals not only match with every colour you might want to wear, but they also go with each other. Achieve a sober, grounded look with a neutral shirt and pant colour combination. With proper mixing and matching, this combination can create a strong sense of casual style.

Long Sleeve Dobby Print Shirt with Black pant combination

Long Sleeve Dobby Print Shirt by Koovs

3. Never perfectly match your shirt and pant

Wearing shirts and pants of the exact same colour can make you look like a fashion disaster. Shirts and pants of the exact colour and similar texture tend to look like a uniform. Such an outfit will drown you and it is visually unappealing.

Cotton Rollup Sleeves Shirt Kurta

Cotton Rollup Sleeves Shirt Kurta by Fab India

However, there is an exception to this rule. Tonal outfits are unusually attractive when they involve interesting textures and patterns.

When you add different patterns, finishes, and prints into a tonal outfit, it ceases to be one-dimensional. Instead, these aesthetically appealing elements will break the monotony and create a sophisticated effect.

When done right, a tonal outfit can trick the eye to overlook unflattering bulges and fat pockets. So, use it wisely and you will look a lot slimmer.

Cotton Printed Kurta Shirt

Cotton Printed Kurta Shirt by Fab Alley

Fashion designers have often featured tonal dressing as a wardrobe art by creating subtle variations for different themes. Find inspiration for super-flattering tonal outfits from these fashion runways.

4.  Build your wardrobe with blues

Build your wardrobe with blue as the base and you will have ample dressing choices for any occasion. Blue is a very versatile colour as it pairs well with neutrals, light colours, and bold shades. Hence, it is a must-have for a minimalist wardrobe.

You will have more outfit options when you have enough blue pants and shirts. The king of casuals, denim, is blue. The distinctive blue of denim is evergreen, and it goes well with almost every shirt colour.

Long Sleeve Printed Shirt with denim pants combination

Long Sleeve Printed Shirt by Koovs

5. Proper pairing of pastels

Pastel shirts reappear on the fashion scene every summer. Nonetheless, these are tricky colours to style.

Although there is an entire spectrum of pastels to choose from, always opt for pastels that flatter your skin tone. And when you find a stunning pastel shirt, make it the statement piece of your entire outfit.

Draw attention to bold pastels like lilac, peach, mint green, and coral by playing down the colour of the pants. Once again, neutrals are the undefeatable choice. For a laid-back, but formal look, pair pastel shirts with black, grey, or navy trousers.

Linen Chambray Bushshirt

Linen Chambray Bushshirt By Fab India

And for preppy dressing, spring for white, navy, brown, or distressed denim.

Shirt with white trouser combination

Shirt with Patch Pocket by Ajio

Dressing up every day can be daunting when you are unfamiliar with the concept of colour combinations. One wrong move and you can end up like a fashion faux pas.

Fortunately, there are some guiding rules that define practical shirt and pant colour combinations For Man. Follow the rules and tips in this guide to ensure that you nail the right colour combinations and always look your best.

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