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11 Latest Kurti Neck Designs Every Women Should Wear This Year!

11 Latest Kurti Neck Designs Every Women Should Wear This Year!
March 25, 2020 shoprapy
Latest Kurti Neck Designs You Should Wear This Year!

Image Credit – bunaai

A stunning kurti neck design can instantly enhance your overall look and become the statement element of your outfit. Hence, the neckline is one of the most prominent fashion elements of kurti designs.

Kurti neck design 2019 trends introduced us to interesting innovations like ruffles, interesting keyhole cut-outs and the Chinese collar. Learn more about the best kurti neck design 2020 latest trends through this post and prepare better for your shopping adventures this season.

1. Chinese collar

Chinese collar neckline

Fusion Series Red Printed Cotton Kurti by Cilory

The Chinese collar is a fresh twist to the classic full collar design. It features a short stand collar that runs around the neck and is both stylish and sophisticated.

Chinese collar kurtis usually have a front opening. However, it can also be fully closed with buttons along the center. Since kurtis with this detail have a formal finish, it is an appropriate choice for the workplace.

2. Angrakha neck design

Siena Brown & Beige Embroidered Kurti by Cilory

Siena Brown & Beige Embroidered Kurti by Cilory

The Angrakha neckline is one of the most feminine kurti neck design 2019 trends. Interestingly, it is inspired by the traditional kurta style of men in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The Angrakha features a V-shaped neckline that wraps towards one side with a tie-up detail at the side. It is a versatile neckline that looks good on both straight and flared kurtis.

3. Full collar neckline

Kajree Brown Cotton Embroidered Kurti by Cilory

Kajree Brown Cotton Embroidered Kurti by Cilory

Full-collar necklines add contemporary charm to Indian kurti designs. This is commonly spotted on kurtis with modern prints like checks, polka dots and geometric motifs. It is also commonly seen in kurti dresses.

Add a full collar neckline kurti to your work wear collection and you will be ready for any formal event or meeting.

4. Keyhole neckline

Keyhole Neckline

Image Credit – Keep it Stylish

The keyhole neckline is a timeless trend that reappears on the fashion scene every few years.The simple addition of a small cut-out instantly makes the neckline more noticeable and stylish.

Traditionally, keyholes were placed in the center of the neckline. But the modern trend is to place them towards the sides, closer to the shoulder.

5. Ruffle neckline

Ruffle Neck Kurti

Image Credit – Pinterest (MS Fashion)

Ruffles add texture and dimension to the upper body. This fashion-forward style element is seen in kurtis with different neckline shapes like the V-neck, round neck or collar style.

Ruffled kurti style look very dressy. They also have an interesting fusion look and work as Indo-Western outfits.

6. Boat neckline

boat neckline kurti

This neckline stretches all the way from one shoulder to the next. The straight line thus created has a neat, sophisticated appearance. It also draws attention to the collar bones and neck.

The boat neckline creates the illusion of broader shoulders and is a good design choice for women with a small upper body.

7. Scoop Neck Design

Vishudh Women White Navy Blue Printed Anarkali Kurta by Myntra

Vishudh Women White Navy Blue Printed Anarkali Kurta by Myntra

The scoop neckline refers to a wide and deep, round neckline shape. It is perfect for an everyday look. The simplicity of the style works well on kurtis with statement design elements like flutter sleeves or embellished yokes.

An advantage of this neckline design is that it is universally flattering. The scoop shape may be cut low or high. When the U-shaped classic neckline is low-cut, it can be dressed up with a stylish choker or necklace. You can also draw attention to this detail with a pretty dupatta around your neck.

8. Sweetheart neckline

Grey Color Rayon Readymade Designer Kurti by Yellow Fashion

Grey Color Rayon Readymade Designer Kurti by Yellow Fashion

This neckline style is named as such due to its resemblance to the upper part of a heart. The balanced proportions of this neckline create the illusion of a longer neck and collar area. It also a sharp jaw line and is hence a good choice for square and angular face shapes.

This neck design is common on kurtis with and without sleeves. It will be a valuable addition to your wardrobe if you wish to draw attention to a slender neck and décolletage.

9. Notched neckline

Cotton Printed Slim Fit Long Kurta

Cotton Printed Slim Fit Long Kurta by Fab India

The notched neckline features a small slit in the middle that subtly reveals the center part of the neck. This simple detail elevates the effect of a traditional V-neckline and makes it more attractive.

The notch detail is commonly attached to round or Chinese collar neckline. The V-shaped vent adds a touch of sophistication and style to the outfit. Pair it with dangling earrings and you can even skip the necklace and still look fabulous.

10. Button-down kurti neckline

Metal Rimmed Wooden Buttoned Striped Cotton Kurti - Red

Metal Rimmed Wooden Buttoned Striped Cotton Kurti – Red by Fashor

Kurtis with buttons that extend all the way from the neckline to the hemline are very popular. This single detail elevates the overall look of the kurti. It also creates a slimmer and leaner look. Button-down kurti is in solid colors in fabrics like silk and cotton have a formal appearance. Hence, they are great choices for the workplace.

This style also works in a casual setting, when it features embellishments and prints. One of the trendiest button-down kurti styles has a deep slit that starts at the waistline and extends to full-length.


Tiered Abstract Print Cotton Kurti by Fashor

Tiered Abstract Print Cotton Kurti by Fashor

The V-neckline is another classic kurti style that draws attention to the face and neck. This iconic neckline never goes out of style. The options may vary in terms of the depth and width of the V-part.

V-necklines have a slimming effect, especially when the kurtis have full or three-quarter length sleeves. So, it is a good choice for women with broad shoulders and a heavy torso. Deep V-neckline kurtis look fantastic with matching dupattas. It is also one of the best dress styles when you wish to draw attention to a statement necklace or pair of earrings.

With a little effort, you can look put together and very fashionable. And something as simple as choosing the right kurti neck design can make all the difference to elevate your look from simple to gorgeous.

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