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11 Different Styles of Saree Draping – Every Women Should Know!

11 Different Styles of Saree Draping – Every Women Should Know!
January 15, 2020 shoprapy
11 Different Styles of Saree Draping - Every Women Should Know!

The traditional Indian saree is a very versatile garment. It is worn in different ways and if you travel across India, you will be surprised to learn about saree draping in different styles.

Not only does the saree have many traditional draping formats, it also takes on modern forms. So, we aren’t exaggerating when we say that a single saree can open a whole world of new outfit options.

Keep reading to learn all about the most popular and interesting saree draping ideas from the fashion experts at Shoprapy.

Traditional Bengali Saree draping

The traditional Bengali saree is unmistakable with its rich hues of red and white. Equally interesting is how the saree is draped with box pleats and the pallu sitting on both shoulders. The rich play of texture in the upper torso directs attention towards the face while creating a royal appearance.

Traditional Bengali saree draping

Image Credit: India Fashion Blogger

Mermaid style Saree draping

Flaunt your natural curves by wearing your saree in the modern mermaid style. Here, the saree petticoat hugs the hips and flares out at the bottom. When a saree in a clingy fabric is draped over this petticoat, it takes the shape of the petticoat and highlights the natural curves. So, your silhouette will resemble that of a mermaid and hence the name. This is a very popular party wear style.

Coorgi Style Saree Draping

If you want to draw attention to a rich pallu, try the Coorgi style of saree draping. Here, the pleats are made at the back of the saree. The pallu or veil is wrapped across under both the shoulders and knotted on the right shoulder to hold it in place.

Coorgi Style Saree Draping

Image Credit: Pink Porcupine Blog

Butterfly Saree Draping

The butterfly drape is a celebrity-favorite. In this modern, sexy style of saree draping, the saree pallu is fashioned into a thin column. The saree is tied low and a butterfly form is created at the lower part of the pallu. The butterfly saree drape exposes most of the waistline.

Image Credit – Fashion Girls

Knotted Pallu Saree Drape

Add a Boho twist to your saree outfit with the knotted pallu drape. Here, the pallu is simply pulled into a knot and then casually thrown over the shoulder. It is perfect when you want the highlight of your outfit to be the blouse.

Knotted Pallu Saree Drape by Dev R Nil

Image Credit: Trendy Saree with a knotted pallu by Dev R Nil (Pinterest)

Neck Saree Drape

For an Indo-Western take on the traditional saree outfit, wear it with the pallu around the neck. Here, most of the saree is draped in the conventional manner. However, the pallu is made longer than usual and worn around the neck like a stole.

Silk Gajji Ajrakh Print Sari

Silk Gajji Ajrakh Print Sari by Fab India

Dhoti style Saree drape

The dhotistyle saree drape is one of the most sensational saree styles and has often been sported by celebrities at various public events. This style is inspired by the traditional Maharastrian way of wearing the saree. Any normal saree can be draped in this manner. However, flowy fabrics life chiffon, georgette and silk are better suited for this style.

Dhoti style Saree drape

Image Credit: Gorgeouslyflawed

Gown style Saree drape

The gown-style saree was originally worn by Princess Diana in 1988. It has made a big comeback in recent years. This fusion Indo-Western style combines the elegance of the traditional saree with the convenience of Western outfits. Here, the lower half resembles a skirt in the A-line or mermaid style. The pallu is pleated neatly into small, crisp pleats that can be worn on the upper body in different ways.

Gown style Saree drape

Image Credit: Indian Roots

Mumtaz-style Saree drape

This Bollywood-inspired saree drape is a sensual style. In the Mumtaz drape, the saree is wrapped around the body twice, with the length shortened with each wrap. There are no pleats like in the normal saree drape. The pallu is prepared with pleats that cover the bust area. To keep the sensual element intact, this style of draping exposes part of the midriff. Although wearing it is easy, carrying it with style will require grace.

Mumtaz-style Saree drape

Image Credit: Weddings Only

Floating pallu Draping

The floating pallu is as popular as the traditional sari drape. In this style, the lower half of the saree is worn as usual. However, the pallu isn’t secured into pleats. Instead, it is pinned to the shoulder and allowed to fall freely to full length. Although it is a beautiful way to wear a saree, the floating palluis not suitable for heavy sarees. This style is the best choice for an elaborate saree with interesting motifs and details in the pallu.

Lehenga saree drape

The lehenga saree combines the elegance and beauty of the lehenga and saree in a single attire. In this type of draping, the normal saree is worn in such a way that it resembles a lehenga. Pleats are created throughout the length of the saree and each pleat is tucked into the petticoat. This creates a flared silhouette. The pleats add more volume to the lower half and create a skirt-like structure. The pallu is worn like a regular saree.

Varun Bahl Saree on AZA

Image Source: Varun Bahl Saree on AZA

The saree is a versatile and interesting traditional outfit that yields to numerous styles. It can be modified to suit your convenience and suit any occasion. So, it is the perfect attire for a fashionista who seeks new and exciting looks every day. With this starting point for saree draping in different styles, you should now be able to create unique, contemporary looks with your favorite sarees.

Check out the saree collection at Shoprapy to find the find the perfect picks to experiment with different saree styles. Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with these bold styles and we are sure that all eyes will be on you. Try it!

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