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10 Different Types Of Nightwear Every Women Should Know!

10 Different Types Of Nightwear Every Women Should Know!
June 21, 2020 shoprapy

Do you find yourself tossing and turning, and being unable to sleep at night? Then, it is probably because of the clothes you wear to bed.

Comfort is key to enjoying uninterrupted sleep. Unless your body relaxes, you cannot have a good night’s sleep.

Don’t let wrong bedtime clothing choices affect your sleep quality. Put aside your regular clothes and invest in good-quality nightwear to sleep well and wake up afresh.

Read on to learn about the different types of nightwear available and find the right choice that complements your style.


Claura White & Red Printed Nightdress

Claura White & Red Printed Nightdress By Myntra

Did you know that the nightgown was originally an informal evening dress that women wore to church in the seventeenth century?

It is a classic nightwear piece and many styles and designs are available. Nightgowns are characterized by their loose and comfortable fit. It extends to full-length and is made from cotton, satin, polyester, lace, nylon, or silk.

For a more fashionable take on traditional nightgown designs, opt for those with embroidery or lace embellishments.

Night suit

Night suits are smart outfits that consist of two pieces: a nightshirt and pants. Both the pieces have a relaxed fit and are neither too tight nor too loose. These modest outfits can be constructed using cotton, wool, nylon, silk, or satin fabric.

Traditional night suit designs have full-length, relaxed pants. They look sophisticated and usually feature collars and piping details as embellishments.

Claura Women Navy Blue Solid Night suit by Myntra

Claura Women Navy Blue Solid Night suit by Myntra

Contemporary night suits feature playful prints and exude youthful charm. You can also find styles with shorts or capris instead of full-length pants.

Sunflower Cotton Nightsuit by Bunaai

Sunflower Cotton Nightsuit by Bunaai

Robe sets

Claura Purple Lace Satin Nightdress with Robe ST-20

Claura Purple Lace Satin Nightdress with Robe by Myntra

Robes are seductive types of nightwear. The set has two-pieces; a sleeveless and sheer piece and a robe to wear above it. The inner garment is usually worn at bedtime, while the robe is used as a cover-up in the morning when it is cold.

Robe sets are usually in satin or lace. It has an ultra-luxe feel. They may be short or extend to full-length.


H&M Women White Pile Dressing Gown

H&M Women White Pile Dressing Gown by Myntra

Bathrobes are usually worn over short chemises or slips to keep the chills away on cold mornings. They are constructed from wool, flannel,or other types of thick fabrics.

Bathrobes can feel too warm when worn to bed. However, they are super-comfortable to wrap over light and flimsy nightwear when you get out of bed. Bathrobes are a good investment because they are very easy to change into after a shower.

Baby doll

Phalin Satin Babydoll with Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Phalin Satin Babydoll with Adjustable Shoulder Straps by Ajio

Spruce up your nightwear collection with stylish and sensuous baby doll dresses. These revealing and chic pieces are constructed from luxe fabrics like satin and silk.

They may also be made of sheer material like mesh and lace. Expect these flirty little numbers to enhance your glamour quotient.


Off To Slumber Parties Golden Satin Nightdress

Off To Slumber Parties Golden Satin Nightdress by Lulu & Sky

Stick to the bare minimum while looking feminine in simple slips and camisoles. With a sleeveless neckline and short hemline, these types of nightwear are super-comfortable.

Meanwhile, it offers just the right amount of skin coverage and isn’t as revealing as the baby doll nightdress. Camisoles are available in different fabrics. The ones with adjustable straps are the best as you can adjust them as per your comfort.

T-shirt and pajama

Ellete Block Print T-Shirt & Pyjamas Set

Ellete Block Print T-Shirt and Pyjamas Set by Ajio

Every woman should have at least one T-shirt and pajama set. This two-piece nightwear combination is super comfortable and even suitable for wearing during the day. They blend fashion with function and are practical clothes for women of all ages.

T-shirts and pajamas are so popular that you will be spoilt for choice when you decide to buy one. You can find grown-up prints, sober colors, funky patterns, and slogan sets. Unlike night suits, these are suitable for lounging in all-day. Don’t worry about looking awkward if you have to step outdoors when wearing a T-shirt and pajama set.


Hunkemoller Printed Cotton Lounge Dress

Hunkemoller Printed Cotton Lounge Dress by Ajio

On certain days when it is too hot and stuffy to wear, nightshirts can be a blessing. This one-piece outfit resembles a shirt, but it extends to calf-length or even knee-length. It has a straight shape and doesn’t follow your curves as a nightdress does. Hence, it offers ample coverage while being airy and breathable.

Nightshirts are usually constructed using cotton and similar breathable fabrics. You can choose from different sleeve lengths and they may have interesting prints or slogans.

Top and shorts

Hunkemoller Printed Cotton Top and Shorts Set

Hunkemoller Printed Cotton Top and Shorts Set by Ajio

Look fashionable and cute in shorts sets. This combination looks good on almost anyone and adds a youthful vibe. While shorts can be worn with different types of tops, it usually looks best with short sleeve T-shirts.

This type of nightwear will allow your skin to breathe. So, it is one of the most comfortable types of nightwear for hot weather.

T-shirt and Capri

MADAME M SECRET Floral Print Shirt & Capris Lounge Set

MADAME M SECRET Floral Print Shirt & Capris Lounge Set by Ajio

If shorts are not your style and pajamas weigh you down, find the middle ground with smart T-shirt and capri sets. This type of nightwear has a relaxed-fit T-shirt and track pants that extend till knee-length or calf-length.

The shorter length of the pants allows your skin to breathe comfortably. Sets that contain sleeveless T-shirts are particularly suitable for warm summer days. Although you can mix and match T-shirts and capris, buying it as a set will ensure that the pieces match.

When you finally hit the bed after a long and exhausting day, you deserve to relax and sleep peacefully. This will help you wake up in a good mood the next day. But more importantly, good sleep will also ensure that you stay healthy and happy.

Comfortable and cozy night clothes will bring you one step closer to getting the beauty sleep you need to look your best. Pamper yourself with the best types of nightwear that help you feel great at bedtime. Once you find the right choice for your style, you will never go back to wearing your regular clothes to bed again.

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